Zadak Spark DDR5 memory modules announced

Zadak Spark DDR5 memory modules announced

For those who are waiting for DDR5 memory to appear on sale, Zadak has prepared some good news. She announced the release of DDR5 DRAM modules for gaming PCs. 16 and 32 GB modules operating at effective frequencies from 4800 to 7200 MHz will join the Spark range. They will be decorated with full color backlighting.

In the description of the novelty, the manufacturer recalls that the supply voltage of DDR5 modules has been lowered to 1.1 V, while DDR4 modules are designed for 1.2 V, and the power controller has been transferred from the motherboard to the module board. The result is a reduction in energy consumption and an increase in the possibilities associated with setting parameters.

Zadak Spark DDR5 memory modules introduced

For the external design of Zadak Spark DDR5 memory modules, a combination of white heat spreaders and a natural gray metallic color plate with a built-in diffuser was chosen. This design is said to allow the modules to fit well with the recently popular white and minimalist builds. The modules will be on the market before the end of this year. The manufacturer has not yet announced prices.

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