Xiaomi unveils umbrella with a flashlight

Xiaomi unveils umbrella with a flashlight

Xiaomi has unveiled a new product on its Youpin co-financing platform. It is an automatic reversible umbrella equipped with an LED flashlight.

The umbrella manufacturer is the Xiaomi-backed company Urevo. A device that opens in one second is offered for just $ 11. The flashlight includes three LEDs that illuminate the road at a distance of up to 10 m. The angle of the integrated flashlight in the handle can be easily adjusted so that it shines forward while the umbrella continues to shelter you from the rain.

Opening and closing of the umbrella occurs by pressing one button. The surface of the umbrella folds in the opposite direction. When folded, the umbrella does not drip onto the handle, and users can drain the remaining water simply by turning the umbrella over.

It uses 210T high density fabric material with a hydrophobic coating on the outside. Rainwater forms droplets that immediately slide off the umbrella. The fabric has a UV protection layer that effectively blocks 99% of UV rays. The interior has a vinyl covering that blocks light and heat.

Xiaomi unveils a reverse-fold sun and rain umbrella with a flashlight

The frame of the umbrella is made of durable fiberglass, the structure can easily cope with strong winds and rainstorms.

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