World’s cheapest 4G smartphone unveiled

World’s cheapest 4G smartphone unveiled

The Indian conglomerate Reliance has announced for the smartphone JioPhone Next, which was created in collaboration with Goolge. The announcement was made by Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance, during the annual press conference held today.

Details about the hardware were not disclosed. The images show that this device is equipped with a single camera, fingerprint sensor on the back. Mukesh Ambani said the JioPhone Next will go on sale September 10 and will be “the cheapest smartphone in India and worldwide.”

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, also made a statement disclosing more details about the smartphone’s software. The JioPhone Next smartphone will run the Android Go operating system and will be equipped with pre-installed Google Camera Go, Chrome and Google Play applications. Sundar Pichai said his team at Mountain View “have optimized a version of the Android operating system specifically for this device.” According to the press release, it will support Android updates and will have “additional features.” The photo also speaks of support for a voice assistant, translator and a smart camera with augmented reality elements.

The cheapest smartphone in the world is presented

The main reason for the emergence of such a phone was also named: the fact is that 300 million users are still tied to 2G, and they need an “extremely affordable” solution to rid the country of an outdated communication standard.

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