Woman’s Blood Volume Shown Grossly Wrong In DH Handwara, MS Assures Probe

IMG 20210703 WA0022 Woman's Blood Volume Shown Grossly Wrong In DH Handwara, MS Assures Probe

Murtaza Mushtaq

Handwara, Jul 3 (GNS): The blood count of a woman with ‘average blood volume’ was shown having just ‘3.7 pints’ after test at District Hospital Handwara.

Divulging the details to GNS, son of the woman said that he had taken her mother, on her complaining of uneasiness, to District Hospital Handwara. “On assessment by the doctors on duty, I was asked to get some tests done,” he said, adding, “However on receipt of the test report, I was asked to arrange blood for my mother, as the tests showed her left with only 3.7 pints of blood. “

He said he made a call to a doctor at Srinagar, who on knowing the ‘deficiency of blood’, asked him to go for blood transfusion on an immediate basis.

“There were no visible signs of anemia, and as such the report took us all aback. However we somehow managed to arrange the required blood at a short notice from Salute 72, Handwara blood bank ”, he said.

“In the course of blood arrangement, one of our known doctors at the hospital suggested to redo the tests, which we did from a private testing lab. Surprisingly as against the 3.7 pints report, he said, the fresh test report showed blood volume to be 10.07 pints.

“After receiving the report, we submitted it before the doctor, who told us that 10.07 pints range falls in average blood volume and that we had no reason to panic,” he said.

“If District hospital is showing such results, what can one expect from subordinate health facilities?” he said.

Meanwhile locals who came to know about the test report expressed their resentment on the overall functioning of the hospital.

A group of locals while talking to GNS demanded assessment into the caliber and skill of the staff engaged at the District hospital. They also asked the authorities to see if the machinery used at the premier regional health facility were functioning properly.

When contacted Medical Superintendent, Dr. Nissar Ahmad Wani told GNS that an inquiry would be setup to look into the matter. “Once the report is to be received, it would be seen as to where the lacuna lies,” he said, adding, “If any of our staffer is found guilty of dereliction of his or her duties, action as warranted under law would be taken.” . ” (GNS)

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