Vivo new smartphone patent with flying camera

Vivo new patent with flying camera

Vivo has filed an interesting patent: the company came up with a smartphone with a removable camera. However, in this case, the camera can not only be detached from the smartphone, but also flies – like a regular quadcopter.

To do this, the camera module has two pairs of propellers – almost like in a conventional quadcopter. Also, the developers provide infrared sensors around the perimeter, which, apparently, are involved in the obstacle avoidance system. There are two cameras, but only one of them will be used to capture video. What the second is used for is unclear. Perhaps for capturing a video from the first person, with which the user will control the flying module.

Of course, a patent is just a patent, and so far nothing indicates that such a smartphone may appear in the Vivo range. Nevertheless, the development looks fresh and original.

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