Uri Residents Accuse Authorities Of Inaction On Axing Russian Poplars

IMG 20210601 WA0062 Uri Residents Accuse Authorities Of Inaction On Axing Russian Poplars

Zaffer Iqbal

Baramulla, June 2: (GNS) Inhabitants here in frontier town Uri are aghast over alleged inaction of authorities into felling of Russian polar trees, which according to them have been creating a huge nuisance to the people especially sick, children and elderly.

A delegation of locals told GNS that “it seems that the authorities concerned are sleeping over the orders of the Honorable High Court which had directed them for felling of the Russian poplar trees due to the pollen scattered out of its seeds.”

“Hundreds of Russian poplar trees are planted at different locations in the town including Main town Uri, around residential colony of NHPC II at Bandi Brahmana Uri, Nambla, Uranbowa and other areas”, they said adding that “However the authorities seem unmoved as no The tree has been axed anywhere. ”

“The pollen allergy created out of the scattered seeds has been affecting the health of frail people especially those who are already sick besides health of children and elderly people”, they said.

Altaf Ahmad Khan, part of the delegation told GNS that the locals of town Bandi Brahmana are facing huge problems due to presence of poplar trees near NHPC-II residential colony.

“There are hundreds of female Russian Poplar trees, the female Poplar sheds cotton like material carting seeds that cause allergies and aggravate respiratory virus disorders and this cotton has become an irritant in the recent past for the locals in the area,” he remarked.

The ration store in Bandi, meant for distribution of rice to three villages Machi Krand, Paranpillan and Rajarwani is surrounded by these Russian poplar trees, they said adding that “People visiting to receive ration get irritated from the cotton coming out of the pollen and many a times get mixed with the ration. “

A local, part of the delegation said that the situation has reached an alarming stage amid the ongoing Covid pandemic. “The authorities are playing down the issue, despite apprised about it on several occasions,” he said, adding, “We have asked Deputy Commissioner Baramulla to intervene and instruct the authorities to cut down the trees as soon as possible to alleviate their suffering.” ”

Meanwhile when contacted, Deputy Commissioner Baramulla Dr Bhupinder Kumar told GNS that ‘he will look into the matter. ” (GNS)

Author: faisal