to avoid drama with Kanye West amid ongoing divorce

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Kim Kardashian is ‘not going to give Kanye West any reason to act out’

Kim Kardashian is trying to keep the peace between her and Kanye West amid their ongoing split. 

As revealed by sources, the KKW beauty founder does not want any drama with the US rapper. 

“Kim is playing nice when it comes to Kanye. That was to be expected. She does respect him and will always have love for him,” a source said. “She’s not going to dog him. That’s just who she is.”

The source added that Kim is also “not going to give him any reason to act out.”

“They’ve talked about not bashing each other in public, which they both agreed on, for the sake of their children. She knows full well that it takes very little to make Kanye fly off the handle and speak his mind,” the insider continued. “He’s done it before and she’s doing everything she can to avoid that from ever happening again.

The source added that Kim and Kanye still communicate regarding their kids on a daily basis. 

The source explains that Kim and Kanye, 44, still “communicate with each other, especially important stuff regarding the kids, setting up playtime, things like that.”

“It’s not daily, a lot of it is done mostly through their assistants. Divorce and business issues is left to the attorneys to discuss. Kim and Kanye are not haggling over petty possessions. That’s pretty much all been worked out already,” the source said.

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