South Korea is shutting down 2G network

South Korea is shutting down 2G network

South Korea became the first country to launch 2G mobile services back in 1996. This network has been around for about 25 years.

The country will completely ditch the world’s first commercial 2G networks this month. As 5G networks continue to expand in different regions, old network solutions are dying out. South Korean telecom operator LG U + (LG Uplus) has the only remaining 2G network in the country. The company said it will cease operations this month.

Back in 2012, Korea Telecom (KT) shut down its 2G network. In addition, SK Telecom, another telecom operator in South Korea, shut down its 2G network in July last year. LG U + stated that there is no new hardware for 2G networks for a long time, and even devices supporting this network are no longer available. This led to a significant decrease in the number of users.

South Korea also became the first country in the world to launch commercial 5G networks. The number of 5G users in South Korea continues to grow. According to the Ministry of Science, Information and Communication Technology of South Korea, there were already 15.15 million fifth generation network users in South Korea in April.

5G users account for 21.25% of the mobile market in South Korea. The user base is expected to continue to grow with the expansion of 5G network coverage and the emergence of more technology-enabled smartphones. In the years to come, 5G will dominate.

Author: faisal