Sony plans to bring more games to android and iOS

Sony plans to bring more games to android and iOS

Sony held a corporate strategy meeting, where, among other things, it spoke about plans related to the PlayStation division.

First off, Sony announced that it will invest about $ 18.4 billion over the next three years to expand the company’s ecosystem from 160 million customers to 1 billion. Through this process, ties will be strengthened across divisions. In addition, Sony plans to adapt 10 PlayStation franchises in the form of three films and seven TV series.

At the very least, it will definitely be a film based on the Uncharted gaming universe, which was postponed to February next year. It has also long been known about the Last of Us series, the debut episodes of which will be filmed by the Russian director Kantemir Balagov.

But the most significant changes should be in the PlaySstation division. To multiply the number of users, Sony intends to strengthen its position in two main areas: in the mobile segment and social networks.

And if everything is clear with social networks in general – Sony’s recent investment in Discord is one of the steps in the new strategy – there are no special details with the mobile segment yet. But the representative of the company cited the example of the mobile game Fate / Grand Order, released in China several years ago, which became a hit in the Middle Kingdom.

It was also said that in the near future Sony intends to release a lot more different games for Android and iOS based on existing intellectual property, that is, these will be already well-known franchises. There will also be brand new games for the mobile segment. In addition, rumors regarding the new PlayStation handheld console are worth keeping in mind. Of course, this does not mean that Sony intends to pay less attention to large exclusive projects for the PlayStation 5.

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