Scarlett Johansson talks ‘Black Widow’s ‘self-forgiving’ storyline

359688 083506 updates Scarlett Johansson talks ‘Black Widow’s ‘self-forgiving’ storyline

Hollywood actor Scarlett Johansson recently sat down for a chat and got candid about the theme of ‘self-forgiveness’ that is shown in the Black Widow storyline.

The star wore her heart on her sleeve during an interview on Fox News and was quoted saying, “I think it’s a film about self-forgiveness,” Johansson told Fox News while promoting the film.”

“I think it was really important to see Natasha off her game,” she said of her character’s mindset. “Suddenly we find her in a place where she’s utterly alone and really not attached to anything. She has to face her demons and is really able to face them because of Yelena.”

“Yelena is the woman who is saying to her, look, you experienced this and you need to examine it and it’s not okay… this is why you don’t sleep at night, and neither do I. It’s a very powerful experience.”

Author: faisal