Ryan Reynolds talks about ‘de-stigmatizing’ mental health for his kids

353695 083158 updates Ryan Reynolds talks about ‘de-stigmatizing’ mental health for his kids

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds opened up about the significance of talking about mental health issues.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Deadpool actor touched upon his own mental health struggles as well and how he wants his daughters to understand the issues through him as they grow up.

“Part of it is that I have three daughters at home and part of my job as a parent is to model behaviors and model what it’s like to be sad and model what it’s like to be anxious, or angry,” he said.

“That there’s space for all these things. The home that I grew in, that wasn’t modeled for me really. And that’s not to say that my parents were neglectful, but they come from a different generation,” he continued.

“Part of that is to de-stigmatize things and create a conversation around [mental health]. I know that when I felt at the absolute bottom it’s usually been because I felt like I was alone in something I was feeling.”

“So I think when people talk about it, I don’t necessarily dwell on it or lament on it, but I think it’s important to talk about it. And when you talk about it, it kind of sets other people free,” he shared.

“Other people feel like, ‘Oh, he’s feeling that and so am I.’ And even though we might be in two completely different fields or we might have two completely different lives, it connects us in a way,” Reynolds explained.

“A lot of it is just wanting to model certain things for my own kids and model things for anyone who might need to hear it,” he added.

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