Queen receives flak ahead of her Scotland tour

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Queen receives flak ahead of her Scotland tour

Queen Elizabeth is all set to tour Scotland later this month. She will visit charities and businesses in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Sterling during her four-day trip.

According to royal statement: “The Queen will visit Scotland for Royal Week between Monday 28th June and Thursday 1st July 2021, where Her Majesty will undertake a range of engagements celebrating Scottish community, innovation and history.”

The 95-year-old monarch will stay at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. She will be joined by Prince William, known in Scotland as the Earl of Strathearn, for one day and later by Princess Anne.

The Queen undertakes engagements in Scotland in late June or early July every year as part of Royal Week. She also typically hosts a large-scale garden party and investiture ceremonies at the palace. These events can draw thousands so they did not take place in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Reacting to the news on Twitter one user posted: “Her previous union is dead…”

The critic described himself as a “proud Scot” who dislikes “Tories and Unionists”.

Another wrote: “One hopes the heavens open to biblical proportions, during her patronising visit to Scotland.” And the third one reacted: “Sponger goes on free holiday.”

Prince Harry’s grandmother did not participate in Royal Week in Scotland last year, so it is wonderful to see a return of it.

The Queen has a special connection with Scotland. She usually spends her summer break at Balmoral Castle, where she is often joined by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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