Queen preparing for ‘highwire meeting’ with Prince William, Harry

357443 111355 updates Queen preparing for ‘highwire meeting’ with Prince William, Harry

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly preparing for the upcoming ‘disastrous’ meeting between Prince Harry and Prince William.

The claim has been brought forward by royal expert Daniela Elser.

During her interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph, she claimed, “With the countdown on for the two princes reuniting at the palace, there are already warning signs of a new disaster erupting. This will be the most highwire meeting of the two men so far.”

“What should have been a powerful and touching gesture from the Wales brothers, the project, conceived to honour their mother when the bond between the two men was still largely intact, has now become a powder keg moment in the long and winding clash between the Sussexes and the wider Royal Family.”

“If all the players involved can somehow skate through this week without some sort of PR conflagration erupting, it will be nothing short of a miracle.”

“At risk here is more than just whether the palace can tamp down the roiling feud story that has dominated coverage for years now. Instead, at stake is the much bigger project of future-proofing the monarchy that is currently going on.”

“But no matter how furiously royal courtiers and aides might be beavering away to sort out this current situation, there is no denying the very clear and present danger this week poses.”

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