Prince Philip ‘had no desire’ of living a long life: ‘Can’t imagine anything worse’

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Prince Philip lived a happening life as the longest serving British consort, before he passed away in April this year at the age of 99.

And while royal fans as well as the family were hoping to mark the Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday this year, before his passing, he himself had no desire of living a long life.

He had once told his longtime biographer Gyles Brandreth: “I certainly don’t want to hang on until I am a hundred like Queen Elizabeth [the Queen Mother].”

“I can’t imagine anything worse. I’m already falling to pieces as it is. Bits keep dropping off. I have absolutely no desire to cling on to life unnecessarily. Ghastly prospect,” Philip had told Brandreth.

Brandreth writes in the introduction of his 2004 book Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Marriage: “He was more thoughtful and much kinder than the common caricature of him would suggest.”

“It was a great privilege to know the Duke over so many years and remarkable to be given special access and help in writing his life story,” he said in the statement.

“It is an extraordinary story and unexpected in so many ways. He saw an early draft of my book and made some factual corrections, as well as a few caustic comments! He did not see the final version, but I hope it does him justice. I have not held anything back,” he added. 

Author: faisal