Prince Harry bashed for ‘selfish, immature’ beliefs on Princess Diana’s death

353631 061155 updates Prince Harry bashed for ‘selfish, immature’ beliefs on Princess Diana’s death

Prince Harry recently got bashed for having an immature and “completely selfish” approach towards the outpouring of grief Princess Diana received on the event of her death.

The claim was brought forward by royal author Angela Levin during an interview on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat.

There she was quoted saying, “I was very shocked when he said yet again how much he resented all the people that were surrounding him and crying [at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales], because it was his mother, and they shouldn’t do that. It showed that he was still very immature.”

“I could understand when he was 12 feeling like that, and he said the same thing to me when I interviewed him in Kensington Palace, but I think that he is now 36 and I think that be of his life, he should be able to cope with.”

“Walking behind his mother was hideous for him, but to resent the people who admired Diana and loved her and thought incredibly highly of her, I think it’s not up to him to say who should mourn her.”

“I think that whole feeling goes back to the Palace where he doesn’t really care what anybody else thinks – he knows that his family can’t answer back. He knows it very well.”

“I think he should unterstand that his 95-year-old grandmother who has lost her husband of over 70 years is mourning. I think to put that heaviness on her when he knows very well that she adores him, and his father who has done his best, it shows he doesn’t mind who he hits out at.”

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