Prince Harry bashed for naming infant daughter Lilibert ‘controversially’

353955 084305 updates Prince Harry bashed for naming infant daughter Lilibert ‘controversially’

An expert recently called out Prince Harry for christening his infant daughter with a “controversial” nickname.

The claim was brought forward by former royal press secretary Dickie Arbiter in a piece for The Mirror.

There he wrote, “Given everything that’s gone on over the past few months, such as the interview with Oprah in March and Harry’s appearance on a mental health programme for Apple TV, I’m taken aback.”

“In those interviews, Harry was very critical of his father and his upbringing so by default was also critical of the Queen. He moved to California to distance himself, but choosing this name is a complete about-face.”

“So I wonder if taking the Queen’s nickname for his baby is an olive branch? Only Harry can answer that. It could be seen as quite controversial to christen a baby with a nickname, and I doubt the little girl will grow up with any other Lilibets in her classes (although people in California call their children all sorts).”

“So maybe that’s Harry and Meghan showing their independence again – just like Archie, another non-royal name… I wonder what Diana would have made of their daughter having her name as a middle, and not a principal name? Charlotte also has Diana as a middle name so they could have chosen it for her first name.”

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