Prince Charles reveals Prince George’s adorable Highgrove hobby

367649 111631 updates Prince Charles reveals Prince George’s adorable Highgrove hobby

Prince Charles recently sat down for a chat and dished over some of the hobbies he and Prince George enjoy together.

The Prince of Wales got candid about his bonding exercise with Prince George during his upcoming appearance on Radio 4 and BBC Sounds.

Alongside Simon Armitage at Llwynywermod, the heir highlighted the one thing he and his grandson love doing out against a Highgrove tree.

For those unversed, Prince George planted a Balsam popular tree in the estate backin 2015 and has since gone back to visit it alongside his grandfather on multiple occasions.

Prince Charles claims, “The fun is to get grandchildren to plant a tree now and then see so they can measure themselves, if you know what I mean, by the size of the tree.”

He also referenced Prince George’s tree in particular and admitted, “This thing has shot up. I mean It’s higher than this barn already, which for a child is quite satisfactory when you can say ‘look at it now’. It’s grown about 3 feet a year. Not many do that.”

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