Prince Andrew hiding from assault allegations ‘in the dark ages’

366695 084148 updates Prince Andrew hiding from assault allegations ‘in the dark ages’

Prince Andrew recently came under fire for attempting to ‘live in the dark ages,’ away from Virginia Giuffre rape allegations.

This claim has been made by royal historian and commentator Dr. Tessa Dunlop and during her interview with Express she claimed, “It’s quite extraordinary the level of that man’s hubris.”

“One of the main criticisms of his trial by media is that dreadful car crash Newsnight interview, his absolute inability to show any empathy for the victims.”

“Remember it was all about his pain, injury done to him, and by saying you’re cheerful when these women are currently going through the trial that is bringing something to court, resurfacing their real pain.”

She also went onto say, “It just looks so uncaring, he hasn’t got it – how can he have two daughters and not get it? Let the penny drop.”

“It’s interesting because he’s born in an era when women who complain about inappropriate behaviour are sidelined and shuttled off, but there’s been a revolution in thinking and behaviours over the last ten years, it’s like he’s still living in the Dark Ages.”

“Don’t you get it, this is really serious. They just make for the most appalling headlines, the most appalling story. The longer he doesn’t do what he’d said he’d do which was fully cooperate, the drips are becoming great puddles and it’s a huge problem for the Royal Family.

Author: faisal