‘Pragmatic’ Queen knew how to tackle Meghan, Harry’s royal exit from the start

367603 055231 updates 'Pragmatic' Queen knew how to tackle Meghan, Harry's royal exit from the start

‘Whole strategy was developed right at the very beginning and the mechanism was always there,’ said an expert

Queen Elizabeth already knew how to deal with any controversies, in case Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to quit the royal family. 

As revealed by royal expert Stewart Pearce, the Duke and Duchess’s exit from the royal family caused “an eruption within the hegemony.”

He told Royally Us podcast, “The eruption took because of Harry and Meghan leaving the way that they did, although of course, their departure was well-known about by Prince Charles, by the Queen and also by Prince William, etc way before we knew about it.”

The expert continued, “You can just imagine when Harry, full of love for the lady he was falling in love with, arrived back and went to see Her Majesty. She’d have said ‘let’s take this easily, let’s court her for a year, and then let’s talk again.’

“They talked again from what I understand from the people that I know, and Harry was emphatic ‘I want to marry her’ and the strategy was created.

Pearce revealed further, “Her Majesty would say ‘what happens if this doesn’t work with the British people?’

“So the whole strategy was developed right at the very beginning, it came to a shock to us but actually, the mechanism was always there, all of the possibilities.

“That’s how pragmatic Her Majesty is, which is why she’s able to fly like an eagle over the whole thing observing, and not get caught up in the corruption or the vilification or the negativity.”

Author: faisal