Microsoft released new teaser of Windows 11

Microsoft released new teaser of Windows 11

Microsoft is preparing to host an event that will be dedicated to the announcement of the operating system Windows 11. Ahead of the event, the company has released a final teaser to whet public interest in Windows 11.

In a 10-second video, we are shown a girl who turns and looks at the camera. In her eyes the computer screen is reflected, on which you can see the desktop with the new wallpaper Windows 11. The boot melody of the operating system is also playing.

Last week, an ISO image of one of the preliminary versions of Windows 11 appeared on the Internet. Thanks to this leak, users could already see the new desktop wallpaper, interface changes, a new Start menu, notification bar, File Explorer and other elements. The company confirmed the leaked Windows 11 image and filed a complaint against Google.

Yesterday it became known that Windows 11 will significantly improve the work on multiple monitors. In addition, Windows 11 will add support for third-party widgets.

The presentation of Microsoft Windows 11 will take place tomorrow at 19:00 Moscow time.

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