Meghan and Harry ‘extend olive branch’ to royals by choice of baby name

353888 123628 updates Meghan and Harry ‘extend olive branch’ to royals by choice of baby name

After dropping bombshell after bombshell, it looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are finally ready to make amends with the royals.

According to royal experts, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s choice of name for their newborn daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, came as an “olive branch” towards the British royal family.

Royal commentator for Mirror Online Dickie Arbiter—who was also a senior aide for Queen Elizabeth from 1988 to 2000—wrote in his latest piece that Lilibet could be a peace offering from the Sussexes.

“He moved to California to distance himself, but choosing this name is a complete about-face. So I wonder if taking the Queen’s nickname for his baby is an olive branch? Only Harry can answer that,” he wrote.

“The Queen gave herself the nickname Lilibet because she couldn’t say Elizabeth as a child, and it stuck. I think it’s rather cute,” he continued.

“It could be seen as quite controversial to christen a baby with a nickname, and I doubt the little girl will grow up with any other Lilibets in her classes (although people in California call their children all sorts). So maybe that’s Harry and Meghan showing their independence again – just like Archie, another non-royal name,” he said.

“Choosing Diana’s name for their baby isn’t a surprise, as we all know Harry’s closeness to his mother was such that her loss has caused him mental issues even 24 years on,” he said.

“But I wonder what Diana would have made of their daughter having her name as a middle, and not a principal name? Charlotte also has Diana as a middle name so they could have chosen it for her first name,” he wrote.

“Again, that’s only for Harry and Meghan to know. And if the names are indeed olive branches, only time will tell if they work,” he added. 

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