Kim Kardashian gets three-year detention order against stalker

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Kim Kardashian gets three-year detention order against stalker

American reality star Kim Kardashian pulled off getting a restraining order against a man who had been stalking her for months.

The 40-year-old reality star, appearing virtually for the California court hearing, requested the court for a five-year-restraining order against Charles Peter Zelenoff who allegedly tried to enter her Hidden Hills mansion, according to TMZ. Kim Kardashian termed the man a ‘danger to her and her family.’

The judge deemed the five-year order beyond appropriate as the man was not threatening her to harm her. However, the court found the basis of her charge of stalking and delivered the verdict of a three-year detention.

During the judicial proceedings, Zelenov was silent most of the time without any attempt to defend himself.

In May also, Kim Kardashian got a temporary order of protection from the court against Zelenoff. The present order is its extension. In its earlier order, the court asked Charles to keep 100 yards distance from her at all times.

Before getting the order of protection from the court, Kim Kardashian complained to the court that the stalker sent her a pack containing a diamond engagement ring and a Plan B that laid bare his desire to have a relationship with her.

In the appeal to the court, Kim Kardashian expressed her shock as to how the man knew the address of her house as she never reveals it in her online interactions. She said the stalker was spotted outside her house while he was filming.

Kim Kardashian also told the judge that the stalker posted an inappropriate message about her, expressing his frustration not getting inside her house. 

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