Katie Price says she’s ‘still all dazed and devastated’ after attack

366753 6273708 updates Katie Price says she's 'still all dazed and devastated' after attack

Katie Price says shes still all dazed and devastated after attack

Katie price has broken her silence on alleged attack that reportedly left the reality star with a fractured jaw on Monday.

The law enforcers were called after the shocking incident. Katie rushed to hospital with fractured jaw where she was kept in intensive care unit for the treatment. 

The 43-year-old star claimed she fled the scene after ‘being punched.’

Sharing pictures of her injuries, Katie told how she had sustained a ‘big bruise’ to her face: “I’m still all dazed. I’m devastated. I’ve told police that I was assaulted, and am in shock that this happened.”

The former glamour model went on to say: “I ran away after being punched — I ran to Harvey’s house and have now done damage to my feet, which I previously injured.”

Katie Price claimed that the ‘fight’ had been ‘unprovoked’. “I was just sitting there watching telly when the assault happened.

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