Kate Middleton ‘watched William, Harry unveil Diana’s statue from afar with kids’

358060 020224 updates Kate Middleton 'watched William, Harry unveil Diana's statue from afar with kids'

Kate Middleton and her kids are expected to visit the statue ‘at a later time,’ said a source 

Kate Middleton might not be with her husband, Prince William, in person but the Duchess lent her unwavering support from afar.

According to sources, Kate really wanted to be a part of the ceremony. However, she decided to stay back with her kids, letting William and Prince Harry have their moment.

“Out of respect for [Prince] Harry and William, [the royal family] wanted it to be just about Diana’s sons and not a huge public affair,” a source told Us Weekly. 

“Kate was definitely supporting William while physically not being there and really wanted to attend, but the family as a whole decided it was best for the kids and her to stay home,” the insider added. 

The Cambridges were determined “a few weeks ago” to be at the ceremony. Since she could not be there in person, “Kate watched from afar with” her kids. 

The royals are expected to visit the statue “at a later time,” the source shared. 

Princess Diana’s statue was unveiled by her sons, Prince William and Harry, at Kensington Palace on what would have been her 60th birthday on July 1. 

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