Jennifer Lopez used Ben Affleck to ‘get reaction’ from ex Alex Rodriguez

352119 020840 updates Jennifer Lopez used Ben Affleck to ‘get reaction’ from ex Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez may now be going strong with Ben Affleck but the singer reportedly rekindled her romance just to get back at her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

According to a report by HollywoodLife, the Hustlers star, before realizing her genuine feelings for the Batman actor, had only been using him to get a “reaction” from A-Rod.

A source told the outlet: “This started out with her trying to get a reaction from Alex, but then she realized it could turn into something and she’d be lying if she said that doesn’t make her feel good.”

“Her feelings on having something with Ben are real and she wants to explore that. Things with A-Rod are over forever in her eyes and she’s working on moving on,” the insider went on to say.

“Jennifer is still taking things slow with Ben. It just sort of happened. She’s just seeing where things go and trying not to overthink or put pressure on it and Ben seems to be giving her all the time she needs. She’s calling the pace right now,” they added.

The grapevine also explained that “her kids were very, very close to A-Rod and she’s still helping them process life after the split. They were close to his kids as well and really were a blended family which is another reason she’s not rushing.”

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