iPhone 6 Exploded, Owner Demands $5 Million

iPhone 6 Exploded, Owner Demands $5 Million

Texas resident Robert Franklin is suing Apple over the explosion of an iPhone 6 smartphone that was on a charge, and the resulting injuries.

The plaintiff claims that the battery of the iPhone 6 smartphone was faulty, so it became noticeably hot during the charging process. The explosion took place on August 15, 2019, while the iPhone 6 smartphone was bought by him in 2018.

A smartphone user in his statement of claim describes that on that day he was listening to music on an iPhone 6. Suddenly, the music playback stopped, Franklin took the phone to check what the problem was, and at that moment there was an explosion. The explosion caused Robert Franklin to face and eye injuries. From surprise, he fell and sprained his wrist.

The source adds that Franklin expects to receive a total of over $ 5 million in compensation.

As for the iPhone 6, it is not known whether the purchased smartphone was new or used.

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