iPhone 1 Vs iPhone 12 speed test: Video

iPhone 1 Vs iPhone 12 speed test: Video

The first iPhone came out almost a decade and a half ago, forever changing not only the industry, but virtually the whole world. Compared to today’s iPhones, the first model looks horribly dated. But what’s the real difference in speed?

The PhoneBuff channel compares smartphones using a robotic arm, so that such comparisons are the most clear and correct. And below you can see how the iPhone compares to the iPhone 12.

As you can see, the difference in speed is huge. The iPhone 12 finished the first lap in 40 seconds, and the second took only 20 seconds, while the old man took 1 minute 26 seconds and 1 minute 2 seconds, respectively.

It might seem that 40 seconds and 86 seconds in the case of the first circle is not a big difference for devices that are 13 years apart. However, if you look closely, you can see that a very large part of this time is taken by the movement of the manipulator. For example, this is clearly visible when typing. But directly the speed of opening applications and the work of the applications themselves differ strikingly, which is quite logical.

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