Intel Delays 10nm Processors Again, 3nm Processors coming on 2023

Intel Delays 10nm Processors Again, 3nm Processors coming on 2023

According to the source, Apple and Intel will be the first to order from TSMC the production of microcircuits based on the 3-nanometer process technology. They are allegedly already testing their designs for 3nm standards. The commercial release is expected to begin in the second half of next year.

So far, the most advanced technology mastered in mass production is 5-nanometer. It is with its use that TSMC manufactures single-chip systems for the latest generation of iPhone smartphones.

TSMC estimates that the transition to 3nm technology will increase productivity by 10-15% while reducing power consumption by 25-30%.

The source says that the first device with a 3nm processor is likely to be the Apple iPad. It is expected that the next generation of the iPhone, due out next year, will use processors manufactured using the transitional 4nm technology.

Intel is credited with collaborating with TSMC on at least two 3nm projects, one focused on laptop processors and the other on server processors. It is expected that the serial production of these microcircuits will begin no earlier than the end of 2022.

Intel allegedly approached TSMC as a temporary measure until its own cutting-edge technology is ready. The 10nm Intel Xeon processors have been delayed from the end of this year to the second quarter of next year, and Intel’s own 7nm technology has been delayed until around 2023.

AMD intends to order the release of 5-nanometer processors for notebooks from TSMC next year. TSMC will also release the first Nvidia server processors using 5nm technology, which should appear in early 2023.

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