iFixit rated the new iMac very low

iFixit rated the new iMac very low

IFixit experts took apart a couple of new Apple devices at once to assess their performance.

First, a brand new all-in-one iMac revealed its secrets. Its incredibly thin for a candy bar body went to Apple engineers a hard job. Among other things, this also affected the maintainability, which the authors rated only 2 points out of 10 possible.

Only a number of modular components were recorded as pluses. For the rest, a PC can be distinguished by a non-removable power supply, the difficulty of replacing the display, the impossibility of changing the drive and RAM, and an abundance of glue.

Mysterious button and terrible maintainability.  iFixit rated the new iMac very low
that same mysterious button is highlighted in lilac

And on the motherboard, iFixit specialists discovered a mysterious button with three LEDs, the purpose of which is unknown.

Unlike the new iMac, the new Apple TV 4K is highly maintainable. She earned 8 points out of 10, however, her remote control is much more difficult to disassemble.

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