HarmonyOS will outperform Android in performance and reliability: Report

HarmonyOS will outperform Android in performance and reliability: Report

According to official figures, HarmonyOS programming technology has begun to be taught at Wuhan University. The lecturer is Zhao Xiaogang, Lecturer, Department of Software Engineering, School of Computer Science, Wuhan University.

According to Dr. Zhao, he received an email from Huawei discussing the possibility of opening courses at Wuhan University. In April of this year, Huawei sent him a smartphone with HarmonyOS 2.0. According to Dr. Zhao, the visuals and working methods are very similar to the Android system. However, he claims that HarmonyOS is faster than Android and has better battery life. Some tools are based on HarmonyOS, but common apps like WeChat, QQ, Taobao, and Alipay still use Android. In other words, the whole system can be fully compatible with Android software. So the full transition from Android to HarmonyOS will be smooth.

He added that HarmonyOS is not a shell for Android, but Huawei decided to make HarmonyOS look like Android due to its ease of user adoption.

At this stage, the similarity of HarmonyOS to Android can be considered a temporary measure. Huawei has partnered with more than 300 domestic enterprises, and more native HarmonyOS applications have come to the market. Over time, after these applications have a higher degree of alignment with the Hongmeng system, users will be able to experience what HarmonyOS stands for and what performance improvements it brings. I think that in the future, HarmonyOS will surpass Android in performance and reliability.

Zhao Xiaogang

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