HarmonyOS will have big advantage over android, details inside

HarmonyOS will have big advantage over android, details inside

Yesterday, during the announcement of the custom version of HarmonyOS, Huawei named one of its main advantages over the development of competitors – iOS and Android. We are talking about the speed of the flash memory: it practically does not decrease either over time or with the increase in the number of files on the user’s smartphone.

The company claims that even after three years of operation, the sequential read speed of flash memory in a smartphone with HarmonyOS decreases by only 4.5%, and the sequential write speed decreases by a barely noticeable 0.9%. The speed of random read and write over the same time period decreased by only 5%, while iOS recorded a decrease of 20%. Android has even more.

Huawei has named an important advantage of HarmonyOS over Android and iOS.  Memory speed practically does not decrease even after 3 years of smartphone operation

Huawei noted that major tweaks to HarmonyOS resulted in 42% better performance while lowering power consumption. In reality, according to users, smartphones with HarmonyOS work as fast as with EMUI and Android, but the battery consumption is really slightly lower.

Another important advantage of HarmonyOS over Android is that applications running in the background open in exactly the same state in which they were when they were placed in the background, rather than being completely reloaded again. Moreover, in HarmonyOS, this mechanism works regardless of the number of applications in the background.

Author: faisal