HarmonyOS requires less RAM than Android

HarmonyOS requires less RAM than Android

New details about the HarmonyOS operating system will be accepted with a bang by users of Huawei smartphones: as it turned out, HarmonyOS requires less RAM to operate than Android with the EMUI interface installed on top.

The difference here is not dramatic, but tangible: while the Huawei Mate X2 running Android and EMUI 11 uses 4.83 GB of 8 GB of RAM (that is, about 66%), then HarmonyOS in the same smartphone requires 4.23 GB RAM or 58%. When it comes to flash, the 256GB HarmonyOS Mate X2 has 6GB more free space than the same smartphone, but with Android and EMUI.

Huawei should have made HarmonyOS just for that.  It takes up less flash space and requires less RAM than Android with EMUI
The screenshot on the left shows the amount of RAM used in the Mate X2 running Android, on the right – in the Mate X2 running HarmonyOS

All in all, HarmonyOS looks more and more attractive with every leak. Earlier this OS was compared to iOS 14, and HarmonyOS was faster. Not surprisingly, some smartphone makers are already eyeing this OS.

Author: faisal