Government Of India may ban Battlegrounds Mobile India

Government Of India may ban Battlegrounds Mobile India

It looks like even after making a huge number of changes in PUBG Mobile and renaming the game to Battlegrounds Mobile India, the developers at Krafton could have big problems in India.

Krafton is coming under increasing scrutiny from Indian government officials shortly before the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Indian MP Arvind Dharampuri wrote to Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad about the upcoming release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The letter said that Dharampuri had received several protests against the release of this game. The problems raised in these protests are serious and deserve closer attention from the government, Dharampuri said.

More specifically, the problem is the security of personal data. The developers from Krafton promised the safety of personal data, but since all data will be stored in India and Singapore, it will also allow data transfer abroad. In addition, the terms of service for the game will be governed by the laws of South Korea, where Krafton is located. Dharampuri also asked the trade union minister to take a close look at Krafton’s investment and security agreements with Tencent.

Since the announcement of the game in India, there have been calls for its ban. Back in May 2021, MPs called on the government to ban the game, which will allow Tencent to re-enter the Indian market.

Recently it became known that 20 million people have registered in Battlegrounds Mobile India in 2 weeks.

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