Google’s iOS Chief Gives Tips for iPhone Users

Google’s iOS Chief Gives Tips for iPhone Users

One of the Google employees posted an interesting post on the official blog giving tips on how to become a power iPhone user.

Tips from Luke Wroblewski, Google iOS Development Team Leader. He advises using widgets, especially the Google Photos widget (Google Photos), and customizing the background of the Google widget for iOS.

Google's iOS Chief Gives Tips for iPhone Users

Another “power user” step that Wroblewski suggests is transferring Chrome tabs to the PC. A feature called Handoff lets you start browsing a webpage on iPhone and continue reading it on Mac. He also recommends sending directions from the desktop version of Google Maps to the iPhone using the Send to your phone button.

If the iPhone is used for both work and play, then Wroblewski advises to intensively use the “incognito” mode in Google applications for iOS, which is activated by a long press on the user profile. In Google Drive, it is recommended to add biometric authentication at startup to improve security. Also, a Google employee advises to search for lost iPhones using the voice assistant Google Assistant.

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