Details about Mi Pad 6 leaked

Details about Mi Pad 6 leaked

Xiaomi at the beginning of the year announced the Mi Pad 5 line of tablets and, according to preliminary data, will fully present them in August. But, according to a Chinese source, the company is already working on the next generation of tablets, and they will undergo important qualitative changes.

Mi Pad 5 will definitely not get a top-end camera, but it may appear in Mi Pad 6

Traditionally, tablets are inferior to smartphones in terms of the capabilities of their main camera, but Mi Pad 6 may become the first device in its category in which the camera will be at the level of flagship smartphones. According to the source, he will have “very rich shooting opportunities.” The second focus will be on productivity. In other words, Mi Pad 6 will most likely receive a top-end platform like the next generation flagship smartphones. Perhaps it will be Snapdragon 895. Naturally, no release dates for the potential Mi Pad 6 have been announced, but it is unlikely that it will be released earlier than the second quarter of 2022, since the Mi Pad 5 will go on sale in August at best.

Recall that three models are expected in the Mi Pad 5 line – on the Snapdragon 870, Snapdragon 860 and Snapdragon 768G platforms. They are credited with a 2560 x 1600 pixel display with a frame rate of 120 Hz and support for a digital pen with 4096 degrees of pressure recognition.

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