Court Rejects Cop’s Bail In Abetment To Suicide Of Would-Be Wife

Fraud 1 Court Rejects Cop's Bail In Abetment To Suicide Of Would-Be Wife

Srinagar, June 26: A local court in Anantnag on Saturday rejected the bail plea of ​​a policeman who has been booked for abetting his would-be wife’s suicide earlier this month in the south Kashmir district.

“Investigation of case is in progress and at infancy stage and certain more recoveries are expected, and in case accused will be enlarged on bail then there is every apprehension that (he) will not cooperate with the investigating agency and can influence the prosecution witnesses, Additional Special Mobile Magistrate Pahalgam Manmohan Kumar said and turned to plea for the plea by the accused cop — Amir Ahmad Khanday of Krangsoo Anantnag.

“The statements under section 164 Crpc were yet to be recorded and the applicant being a member of the police force may try to deter or threaten the witnesses misusing his official position.”

Even otherwise, the court said, the nature of the allegations leveled against the accused suggests that he has “acted in a quite pre-meditated manner.”

“As such, the consideration for bail in their favor at this stage amounts to miscarriage of justice,” the court said as per GNS, adding, “Hence in the given circumstances, I do not find any ground for extending the concession of bail to the accused Aamir Ahmed Khandey at this stage. Hence the bail petition is rejected. ” Prosecution in the case was represented by Assistant Public Prosecutor Muhammad Yaseen Najar.

The police said that 15 June this year, a written application was received that one girl (name withheld) from Batkoot has ended her life in mysterious circumstance. Subsequently it said it started investigation under section 174Crpc. “During investigation it was found that the deceased was engaged with the accused in the year 2018 and the same was broken due to misunderstanding in the two families. But in 2019 the father of the accused again strengthened the relationship by going to the girl’s house but the accused did not talk to the girl properly on the phone and used to say that you are a poor girl and I will never marry you, ”police said as recorded in the court order. “The deceased was mentally harassed due to which she hanged herself and ended her life.” (GNS)

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