Bitcoin could drop to $24,000 according to Fidelity Investments

Bitcoin could drop to $24,000 according to Fidelity Investments

Jurrien Timmer, head of macroeconomic research at Fidelity Investments, said that the price of the most popular cryptocurrency could drop to $ 30,000 or even $ 23,000.

Itcoin’s Infinite Triangle: For me, the $ 65,000 drop still seems incomplete. A fifth wave looms to reach $ 30,000 or even $ 23,000. We’ll find out soon enough, but anyway, I think most of the fall is over.

Jurrien Timmer

The American financial services holding company Fidelity Investments is one of the world’s largest asset management companies. Founded in 1946, it serves investors from 100 countries around the world.

A week ago, JPMorgan strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou suggested that Bitcoin could fall to $ 24,000. At the moment, the price of bitcoin is around $ 36,500.

Today it became known that in China the accounts of famous personalities associated with the cryptocurrency are being massively blocked.

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