Angry mob attacks Queen’s home in London

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Angry mob attacks Queens home in London

Extinction Rebellion protesters brought chaos to the front door of the Queen’s home in London as the mob turned the Queen Victoria Memorial blood red just yards from Buckingham Palace.

The charged activists from Animal Rebellion carried placards reading “a royal blood bath” as they vandalised The Queen Victoria Memorial in front of the palace. They dyed the water red as part of their protest against animal hunting.

Extinction Rebellion spokesman Harley McDonald-Eckersall said: “The Crown Estate is the biggest landowner in the UK and they choose to use this land for animal agriculture and hunting, which not only decimate our environment but cause the deaths of millions of lives every year.

“It’s time for a new system based on justice and compassion and the Royal Family should be leading the way.”

Animal Rebellion, which campaigns for a ‘plant-based food system’, is affiliated to XR, whose two-week campaign of ‘civil disobedience’ is causing chaos in London as businesses begin to recover from the effects of lockdown.

Social media users were left furious at the stunt, with one asking why the Met Police treat the activists ‘like a public art exhibition’.

The targeting of the Royal Family comes just days after Prince Charles made a rallying cry for action on climate change an article.

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