Admin Orders FIR Against Patwari ‘For Not Handing Over Records’

FIR Admin Orders FIR Against Patwari 'For Not Handing Over Records'

Srinagar, Jun 3: (GNS) Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Dr. Aijaz Assad has directed police to lodge First Information Report (FIR) against Patwari Syed Khurshid Ahmad, ex-Patwari Aanchar, Tehsil Eidgah who is alleged to have refused to handover the record despite being transferred from the village.

As learned by GNS, the Patwari Syed Khurshid Ahmad resident of Ganderbal is presently posted in Kangan Ganderbal was previously working as Patwari Aanchar Eidgah.

“The Patwari was repatriated to his home district Ganderbal, but despite his transfer from Srinagar district he refused to handover the records of village Aanchar”, people in the knowhow of the things told GNS.

“Since last 4 months the Tehsildar Eidgah issued multiple notices to him for handing over the records, but in complete disregard of the notices the Patwari continued to keep the sensitive revenue records with him” they said adding that “in the meantime several complaints of ‘ illegal encroachments’ and conversion of land poured in from Aanchar village and although the Revenue Department tried to physically verify these complaints, but in the absence of the records the verification and subsequent effective action couldn’t materialize. “

“The applicants of the concerned village were also suffering due to lack of records, they said adding that the Patwari was informed about the urgent nature of the case, but he submitted lame excuses of being ill or busy.”

“After Tehsildar Eidgah reported the issue to the office of Deputy Commissioner Srinagar on 31-5-2021, the matter was immediately referred by the office to Police for lodging FIR against the delinquent Patwari in terms of Section 379, 408, 420, 466, 166 and 170 of the Indian Penal Code, ”they said.

“The further course of action will follow under the law” they added. (GNS)

Author: faisal